About Us

Our Vision (what we do/are doing) is … raising leaders in life who will be spiritually and socially relevant’. Our Mission (how we are doing/intend to do it) is to thoroughly equip and inspire the believers to influence their generation and impact the Kingdom of God’

Word Assembly as a church of biblical faith is a community of genuine followers of Jesus Christ in whom Christ dwells and reigns as Lord. Coming together from different backgrounds and geographical localities, we are submitted to the Holy Spirit and guided by the authority of the scriptures. We receive oversight, care and instruction from gift ministries given by our ascended Lord to this church.

We glorify God through corporate worship, evangelism, teachings, training and imparting, fellowship, celebrating the Lord’s Supper, baptizing new converts in water as we lead them to the baptism in the Holy Spirit, celebrating at weddings and child dedications. All these through the exercise of the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Founded July 31, 1994, the church has grown from its very humble beginning in one location in Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria to having several outreach churches in different nations with several more to come.

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